Lake Lanier Georgia Statistics

Pertinent data for Lake Lanier (volumes, shoreline estimates, etc). Latest ACoE data and 5 week forecast.
ACoE graph of lake elevation for the last 365 days. Real-time water data for Buford Dam.
Graph of the lake elevation for the life of the project. More graphs and trivia.
Buford Dam water release info: 770-945-1466. Lake Lanier info: 770-945-1467.
How can inflow be negative? Answer here. ACF basin diagram (PDF)

With the exception of the values for the change in 12 AM and 6 AM levels, all lake
level values to the right of the decimal point are 100'ths of a foot.

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Mouse mouse over chart to see levels on various days.
Check/uncheck the years in the legend to enable/disable.
Clicking on a graph line will enable/disable the balloon with the levels.
Graph can be zoomed in by left-clicking and dragging the mouse.

The data for 2010 is not complete. There are several days missing in November and December
due to problems with the ACoE website. As of January 2nd, 2011, the updated data has not
been posted. As soon as it is, I will correct the database so the complete year is present.

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All data comes from the Army Corps of Engineers.
Data is normally updated by the ACoE around 7:30 AM CST, this page at 9:05 AM EST
MSL = Mean Sea Level, CFS = Cubic Feet per Second, MWH = Megawatt Hours

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