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Outdoor Temperature Sensor



This table is for a non-dual fuel single-stage heat pump w/ electric emergency heat

Terminal Wire Function Notes
B n/c Energized in Heat/Emergency Mode
O Orange Energized in Cool & Off Mode Reversing valve in compressor
Y2 n/c (no output)
Y Yellow 1st Stage Compressor Relay
G Green Blower Relay
RC Red 24-VAC Cool Jumpered to RH
RH Red 24-VAC Heat Jumpered to RC
C Blue 24-VAC Common
+ n/c Remote Temp DC+
S n/c Remote Temp Sense
- n/c Remote Temp DC-
W2 White Emergency Heat 2nd Stage
W/E Brown Auxiliary & Emergency Heat 1st Stage Relay
6 n/c 3-wire Zone Valve
L n/c Fault Indicator