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Short Term

  • Install baseboard door stops on upstairs office, library, library closet & attic doors
  • Replace all door sweeps (pending call back on Door Sweeps)
  • Put down baseboard in library (34-1/4)
  • Paint kitchen/basement door
  • Cabinets for reloading bench

Mid Term

  • Paint French doors
  • Stain deck
  • Have dead hard-woods dropped
  • Replace trees along road
  • Repaint 1st floor hallway
  • Sand and seal tool-room bench

Long Term

  • Floor attic space with Attic Dek (also at Home Depot)
  • Sheet rock remainder of basement
  • Tile basement office
  • Remodel 1st floor bathroom
  • Remodel kitchen
  • Put down bamboo flooring in office
  • Paint office walls
  • Landscape yard
  • Replace windows
  • Add screened-in porch
  • Create digital floor plan of house