Lake Lanier Georgia Statistics

Pertinent data for Lake Lanier (volumes, shoreline estimates, etc). Latest ACoE data and 5 week forecast.
ACoE graph of lake elevation for the last 365 days. Real-time water data for Buford Dam.
Graph of the lake elevation for the life of the project. More graphs and trivia.
Buford Dam water release info: 770-945-1466. Lake Lanier info: 770-945-1467.
How can inflow be negative? Answer here. ACF basin diagram (PDF)

With the exception of the values for the change in 12 AM and 6 AM levels, all lake
level values to the right of the decimal point are 100'ths of a foot.

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Mouse mouse over chart to see levels on various days.
Check/uncheck the years in the legend to enable/disable.
Clicking on a graph line will enable/disable the balloon with the levels.
Graph can be zoomed in by left-clicking and dragging the mouse.

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All data comes from the Army Corps of Engineers.
Data is normally updated by the ACoE around 7:30 AM CST, this page at 9:05 AM EST
MSL = Mean Sea Level, CFS = Cubic Feet per Second, MWH = Megawatt Hours

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