Legacy Garage Door Opener

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Screw Terminal Connections

Terminal Function
1 Remote
2 Remote/Safety Common
3 Safety Beam
4 Limit Open (not populated)
5 Limit Common (not populated)
6 Limit Close (not populated)

Internal Wiring

Pin 1 is closer to transformer

Position Wire Function
1 Red Motor
2 Orange Motor/Capacitor Down
3 Yellow Motor/Capacitor Up
4 n/c Keying Pin
5 n/c Unused AC Neutral
6 White Light AC Neutral
7 White AC Plug Neutral
8 Black AC Plug Hot
9 Black Motor AC Hot
10 Green Chassis Ground
11 Blue Light AC Hot (through relay)
12 n/c Light AC Hot (through relay)
13 Brown Limit Switch Close
14 Gray Limit Switch Open
15 White Limit Switch Common


Legacy PCB Bottom Scan.jpg

Legacy PCB Top Scan.jpg

Legacy PCB Top Photo.jpg

Legacy PCB Wiring.jpg