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To be a WiFi AP, you'll need the following files installed:

And if you want to route traffic between the wireless and wired interfaces, you'll also need:

You'll also need the 'hostapd', 'udhcpd', and 'iptables' packages installed (these come installed by default with the BBB Debian distro)

See BBB WiFi Client/AP Switcher for a set of scripts that will allow switching between AP and client mode.

See BBB WiFi Monitor for a script that monitors for IP address changes on all interfaces, and outputs the new configuration to a printer.

My BBB is using a TP-Link TL-WL722N as the WiFi adapter. I initially tried using the TP-Link TL-WN8200ND, but had zero success in getting it to authenticate on my network. I never bothered trying it in AP mode, instead ditching it in favor of something with an Atheros chipset, which is known to work.

The requirements for my configuration are to provide open or WPA-PSK security, issue IP addresses to the wireless clients (optionally with IP by MAC assignation), and to route all traffic between the wireless and wired interface with no filtering (not recommended for most situations, but I have a specific application for my BBB as an AP).

For my application, there's no requirement that the BBB act as a DNS server, so that's handled by forwarding requests to the DNS server on the wired network. When the BBB is running standalone (no wired network), the application doesn't need domain name services. If the BBB needs to provide DNS, install dnsmasq.