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  • This information is GPSL specific in some places. When scoring another club, replace the club code, abbreviation and name as necessary.
  • 'YYYY-MM-DD' indicates a date as a 4 digit year, 2 digit month, and 2 digit day. March 23rd, 2010 is 2010-03-23.
  • The location of the club databases ('GA01_YYYY_MM_DD.db', for example) in the EZWinScore program directory is based on the way GPSL originally used EZWinScore. This is a bad idea, and not recommended by Roger Maier or Bill Noyes. The preferred way is to create a USPSA directory in your 'My Documents' folder, and within that directory, create sub-directories for each club that scores are managed for. Where the following documentation refers to the club database file, consider substituting the 'USPSA/<clubname>' directory in your 'My Documents' folder. Unfortunately, the masternames.db file is still kept in the program directory, rather than a user specified location.

Get most recent database

  • Get most recent masternames.db, put into EzWinScore directory (typically c:\USPSA\EzWinScore)

Create a new match

  • Click 'File->New Match'
  • Verify the current directory is EzWinScore directory
  • Enter 'GA01_YYYY-MM-DD' as the file name, where YYYY-MM-DD is the year, month and day the match took place on
  • Click 'Save'

Enter match information

  • Goto Setup->Match Info
  • Update 'Match Name' to 'GPSL YYYY-MM-DD', where YYYY-MM-DD is the year, month and day the match took place on
  • Update the 'Match Date' with the date the match took place
  • Click 'Use ENTER key to confirm data entry' check-box
  • Verify 'Club Name' is 'Gwinnett Practical Shooting League'
  • Verify 'Club Code' is 'GA01'
  • Verify 'Locate to save output files' is 'c:\USPSA\EzWinScore\Scores\' (create the Scores directory if it does not exist)
  • Remainder of fields should have correct defaults
  • Click 'Save' to save changes
  • Click 'Close' to close the 'Match Information' window

Enter stages

  • Goto Setup->Stages
  • Click 'New'
  • Enter the 'Stage Name'
  • If the stage was a classifier, set 'Classifier' to 'Yes'
  • Set 'Scoring Type'
  • Enter number of 'Paper Targets'
  • Enter 'Minimum Rounds'
  • Set 'Target Type' (If using Classic targets, set it now, or you'll have to re-enter ALL scores!)
  • Set Popper/plates
  • Enter 'Number of strings'
  • Set 'No Shoots'
  • Click 'Save'
  • Repeat for all stages in match
  • Click 'Close'

Enter competitor information

  • Goto Setup->Registration
  • Wherever possible, competitors should be selected from the master database
  • Select letter tab of last name, locate competitor, verify USPSA number
  • Select 'Division' shown on score sheet (if no division, enter on Competitor Info tab after next step)
  • Click 'Register'
  • If a membership expiration dialog appears, click 'OK' to dismiss the dialog
  • In the 'Competitor Info' tab, verify power factor against score sheet
  • Click 'Save'
  • If a competitor does NOT exist in the master database, enter them manually
  • Click 'New'
  • Fill in all available information from score sheet (name, division, power factor, email)
  • Click 'Save'
  • Repeat for all competitors
  • Click 'Close'

If competitor DQ'ed...

  • Goto Match->Disqualification
  • Select competitor that has DQ'ed
  • Click 'DQed Pistol'
  • Select 'Yes'
  • Click 'Save'
  • Repeat for all DQ'ed competitors
  • Click 'Close'

Update the master database

  • Goto Match->Update Classifications
  • Click 'Get File' (A browser window will open)
  • Login with the USPSA members site username/password
  • Click 'Classification Files'
  • Right-click on 'ez_class_update.txt (text file)' and save to the EzWinScore directory (overwrite existing if necessary)
  • Close browser window
  • Click 'Import'
  • Double-click 'ez_class_update.txt' (maye take a few seconds)
  • A dialog box should appear saying 'nnnnnn classification records were import', where 'nnnnn' is a largish number
  • Click 'OK' to dismiss the dialog box
  • Click 'Update match'
  • Click 'Update master'
  • Click 'OK' to dismiss the dialog box
  • Click 'Close' to close the 'Update classifications' window

Enter scores

  • Goto Match->Enter Scores
  • Set 'Entry type' to 'All stages'
  • Check 'Use score verify box' (unless you're overly confident in your data entry skills)
  • Enter each type of hit (use 'Tab' to move to next field)
  • Enter misses (if any)
  • Enter penalties (if any)
  • Use the '+' key on the numeric keypad to jump to the 'Times' field
  • Enter the time
  • Use the '*' key on the numeric keypad to bring save (a confirmation dialog will appear)
  • If an error dialog about round count appears, check the entries, then check the score sheet
  • If more than one stage, the next stage will be available for scoring
  • Once all stages are scored, click 'Next Comp'
  • Once all competitors are scored, click 'Close'

Verification of scores

  • Goto Reports->Verification for Stats
  • Verify information against score sheets, checking off each user as each stage entry is verified
  • Click 'Close'

Generating files to be included in email

  • Goto Match->Calculate Results
  • Click 'Calculate'
  • Select 'All' for 'Select display option', select 'All' for 'Select Scoring type'
  • Click 'Save text'
  • Click 'OK' to dismiss the dialog
  • Select 'Final' for 'Select display option', select 'All' for 'Select Scoring type'
  • Click 'Save text'
  • Click 'OK' to dismiss the dialog
  • Click 'Club.txt'
  • Click 'Web File'
  • Click 'OK' to dismiss the dialog
  • Click 'Close'

If match has a classifier stage

  • Goto Reports->Activity Report
  • Click 'Web File'
  • Click 'Close'
  • Goto File->Exit EzWinScore

Generating email to competitors

  • Goto My Computer->Local Disk (C:)->USPSA->EzWinScore->Scores
  • Rename each file ending in .txt to include 'GA01_YYYY_MM_DD_' at the beginning, where YYYY-MM-DD is year, month and day the match took place on (if it already is not so)
  • Also change any spaces in the file name to an underscore ('_')
  • One file name may have two spaces in it, change that to one underscore
  • Using WinZip, zip the .txt files for this match into a file named 'GA01_YYYY_MM_DD.zip', where YYYY-MM-DD is the year, month and day the match took place on
  • There should between 3 and 8 files (Pistol_All_Divisions, Pistol_Finals_All_Divisions, and Pistol_xxx, where xxx is each division present in the match)
  • Using the club template email file, make any notice additions or changes as necessary
  • Attach the individual .txt files, the 'GA01_YYYY_MM_DD.zip' Zip file, and the stage diagrams (in .PDF or .JPG format)
  • Send it!

Updating the USPSA online scores

  • Go to the EzWinScore directory (typically 'c:\USPSA\EzWinScore')
  • Double-click the 'webfile.txt' filename
  • Make sure the club code is correct
  • Enter the club password (if you're scoring, you will have been provided with this)
  • Enter the match date
  • Click 'Upload Match Results'
  • Click 'OK' to dismiss the status window
  • Using the 'Local Match Results' button, verify the new match scores are present and look vaguely correct

Uploading classifier activity reports

  • Go to the EzWinScore directory (typically 'c:\USPSA\EzWinScore')
  • Double-click the 'GA01_MM-DD-YYYY.txt' filename
  • Click 'Upload Classifier File'
  • (Remaining steps need to be documented, but you can probably wing it from this point)

Final master database close-out

  • Zip the match file ('GA01_YYYY-MM-DD.db') and the master database (masternames.db) (both in the EzWinScore directory) into a file named 'MD_YYYY_MM_DD.zip', where YYYY-MM-DD is the year, month and day the match took place on
  • Email this Zip file to the club president