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Quick ideas

  • Thermostat break-out board w/ WiFi
  • Low-power NTP WWV transmitter
  • Caller ID ring regenerator/editor
  • Shower temperature/flow meter
  • Lightning detector
  • Rotary encoder decoder
  • Electronic Load
  • Parts/project database
  • RDB/RDBS to USB converter
  • CW Horn Sounder
  • Bluetooth IR transmitter
  • 1-Wire binary clock display
  • Controlled battery discharger
  • MediaWiki SpreadSheet

Fish tank monitor

"Is that gas worth it?"

  • Vehicles MPG
  • Price-per-gallon here
  • Price-per-gallon there
  • Distance from here-to-there
  • Number gallons needed
  • Savings (calculated)

IP alarm

  • Modes
    • Missing n of m (%)
    • Missing >n
    • RTT >n milliseconds
    • (combination of above)
  • Primary with fallback
  • Both
  • Primary alarm
  • Secondary alarm
  • LCD w/ rotary encoder
  • Target IP & subnet mask settings
  • DHCP / manual config
  • Status on LCD
  • Status on web page
  • Ping packet size / frequency
  • Alarm set
  • Alarm relays

Zigbee Things

  • Floating caller ID module
  • Door bell switches
  • Water detectors

GPS Simulator

  • Uses a map database, outputs NMEA positional reports based on cursor.
  • Zooming, panning supported.
  • Selection of messages at power up via check boxes.
  • Simulation of certain brands of GPS, such as SiRF. Responds to SiRF NMEA messages.
  • Binary modes may or may not be supported.
  • Right click to zoom, etc, so that position doesn't change by requiring cursor to move.
  • Perhaps limit rate of change, so that clicking between two points and setting a rate slowly updates.
  • Selection of S/A turned on or not, and how much wander factor when sitting still.
  • Altitude support with topo maps.
  • Output over serial port, USB (maybe), and ethernet port (NMEA server?)