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Fantastic little flashlight. We've had 2 of these for a couple years, and use them primarily when we're walking the dogs at night. Also handy when I'm digging around in a PC. The fact that it has a polymer case is nice, so you don't have to worry about shorting something out if it rolls up against a live wire or against the motherboard.

There are two downsides to these flashlights, both somewhat minor:

  1. It can be hard to find the switch on the head, especially if you're wearing gloves. I really tend to prefer a tail-cap push-button switch.
  2. If the flashlight falls on it's face, there's enough force to knock the bulb loose. It doesn't break, but other than a rubber gasket, the two pins are all that hold the bulb in. This means taking the head off, removing the reflector, re-installing the bulb (without touching it, or it may crack from the finger grease when it gets hot), and re-assembling it.

Streamlight's warranty is great. My wife had broken the rubber push-button on the on/off switch by using her thumbnail to press it, instead of the pad of her thumb. I paid shipping to get the flashlight out there, and they repaired it and covered return shipping. Hard to beat that kind of customer service.


  • Xenon gas-filled bi-pin bulb with 30-hour life; spare bulb in tailcap
  • Adjustable focus beam
  • Up to 11,000 candela (peak beam intensity); 90 lumens
  • 3-cell 3.6V nickel-cadmium sub-C battery
  • 3-cell, 3.6 Volt Ni-MH sub-C battery, rechargeable up to 1000 times offered in 230VAC and 12VDC European systems.
  • Up to 1.25 hour continuous use
  • 7.4" / 8.7 oz.



  • 2009/01/13 - Replaced batteries in both flashlights, ST75175 3000ma, eBay batterygallery, $30.96
  • 2006/08/08 - Replaced battery?

History is hazy. One flashlight had a 310-299-1799 3600ma battery from, the other had a 1600ma Interstate battery. There is also an unopened 1600ma Interstate battery in a bag in the battery cabinet.