4PCB Manufacturing Status

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Percent Status Definition
5% RELEASED Your order has been progressed through the sales department
5% APPLY BARCODE Your order has been progressed through the sales department
8% CREDIT HOLD Customer credit issue -- please contact us
10% CAM OR CAM QUE Engineering preparation
11% BACK TO OE Your order has been returned to order entry
12% CAM PULL Engineering has begun examination of files
15% SALES DESK Your order has been returned to your sales rep for clarification
16% CAM HOLD Tooling conflict -- please contact us
18% OFF CAM HOLD Tooling conflict may have been resolved
25% NORMALIZED File examination by engineering complete
25% IL SHEAR Inner layer material selection
30% IL PRINT Inner layer image exposure
30% IL DEVELOP Inner layer photo development
35% IL ETCH Inner layer etching
35% IL IPI Inner layer in-process inspection
40% LAM PRESS Lamination (pressed) layers together
45% OL SHEAR Outer layer material selection
50% OL DRILL Through-hole drilling
55% CUPOSIT Electroless copper deposit in holes
60% OL PRINT Outer layer image exposure
60% OL DEVELOP Outer layer photo development
65% OL PLATING Copper plating
70% OL ETCH Outer layer etching
75% GOLD FINGERS Gold finger connector playing
75% OL IPI Outer layer in-process inspection
75% PROD XX Past engineering into production
75% PUMICE SCRUB Prior to soldermask application
80% SOLDERMASK Soldermask application
85% LEGEND Legend silkscreen application
90% HASL Solder playing
97% ROUTE Individual piece inspection
98% TEST Electrical testing
99% FINAL INSPECTION Final quality control inspection
100% SHIPPING Clean/count/wrap/box order -- prepare for shipment
100% SHIPPED Your order has shipped a method other than USP/FedEx
100% [Tracking number] Your orders UPS/FedEx tracking number
N/A CUST HOLD Customer has requested us to temporarily hold the board