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Parts will be sent via US Mail, with somewhere around between $1.50 and $2 shipping cost. For Express Mail, figure around $9. If you get multiple parts, shipping will change just enough to cover the difference. Parts may be in cut down tubes, or for multiple parts, may be placed in styrofoam that has been wrapped in tin foil (you'll want to transfer these in a reasonable amount of time. Long term, styrofoam sticks to pins. But we're talking months and years, not days). Payment via PayPal is preferred, but I will accept money orders, cashier checks, personal checks (we're 1802 people, we're trust worthy, right?), gold, attractive 23 year old female virgins, or a German Shepherd or Golden Retriever puppy (male, pure bred, 8 weeks to 4 months of age).

Part Quantity Spoken For Description Price Buyers
CDP1855CE 19 0 8-bit Programmable Multiply/Divide Unit $15 (None)
CDP1862CE 9 0 Color Generator For CDP1861 $30 (None)
CDP1863CE 7 0 8-bit Programmable Counter $5 (None)
CDP1864CE 4 0 Color TV Interface (PAL) $25 (None)
CDP1866CE 4 0 4-bit Latch & Decoder Memory Interface $2 (None)
CDP1869/70CE 2 0 Video Interface System Pair $30 (None)
CDP1871ACE 5 0 Keyboard Encoder $10 (None)
CDP1878CE 1 0 Dual Counter-Timer $7 (None)
CDP1879CEI 10 0 Real Time Clock $7 (None)
CDP1881CE 11 0 6-bit Latch & Decoder Memory Interface $1 (None)
CDP1882CE 16 0 6-bit Latch & Decoder Memory Interface $1 (None)