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Mail that's just too funny

I've decided that I should start saving the emails people send me that are funny. "Funny" constitutes people asking me to do their work for them, ridiculous constraints, things like that. While I do find some of the spelling and wording amusing, I realize that English may not be a first (or second, or third, or...) language for them, so I try not to judge that. Nonetheless, sometimes I get email that just makes me laugh. (I have reformatted a few of these for web presentation.)


	 Hi! my name is Xxxxxx i'm a Italian student in Danmark and I will like have 
	 some information about how to write a assembler code to the µController 
	 80c535.I work with the programm System51 version 6.15

	 I have montage a termometer which can misure how many grad is in my rom.
	 I have use a BC547 and trought a circuitry can that give an output voltage 
	 between 0 - 5 Volt translated by an assembler programm to 0° - 100°.
	 The output of this circuity I have collegated to the port AN0 of the 
	 µController 80c535 (KIT)  and with help of an assembler-program can I 
	 visualize temperature in to a LCD display. This is OK.
	 Now the problem is to send the same number, som appear in the LCD, to the 
	 serial port (RS232) of the µController Kit (ie. to the T1I of the MAX 202).

	 Temperature value can be 3 characters from 0 to 100. Before to send the 
	 first ASCII value to the display  I save that in the R2 reserveted to the 
	 display and in the next string I have also saved  the same ASCII value in 
	 the R3 called Ciffer1 reserveted to the serial port, so the second in the R4 
	 called Ciffer2, and the tirth in the R5 called Ciffer 3.
	 Register R3, R4, R5 it's used only for keep the ASCII value which will be 
	 send to the serial port.

	 For at send temperature out to the serial port I have write this following 
	 assembler code whitout have a good result:

		 CLR     TI
		 MOV     SBUF,ciffer1
		 JNB      TI,$
		 CLR     TI
		 MOV     SBUF,ciffer2
		 JNB      TI,$
		 CLR     TI
		 JNB      TI,$

	 Do you like to help me to find out how to do?

	 Thuse following is my konstanter definition where I have defind which port 
	 and register i have use

		DISPLAY     EQU     P4

		   ENBL     EQU     P5.2    ;Use port P 5.2 i CPU'en.
		   RW       EQU     P5.1    ;Use port P 5.1 i CPU'en.
		   RS       EQU     P5.0    ;Use port P 5.0 i CPU'en.
		   PAN0     EQU     PAN0    ;Use port AN0

		   CIFFER1  EQU     R3
		   CIFFER2  EQU     R4
		   CIFFER3  EQU     R5

					all the best

						Xxxxxx Yyyy



my name is Xxxxx from Colombia, a want to obtain more information, about some programs, with external memory, by example to operate step to step motor or display visualization.




Dear Sir,

I found your math routine on the 8052 web page and would like to ask for your assistance in a math routine that i need. I'm very new to 8052 programming would greatly appreciate your assistance if possible.

I need to convert Fahrenheit hex value to it's Celsius equivalent

Celsius = Fahrenheit -32 / 1.8



Hi Mr John C. Wren I am a beginner in microcontroller programming. For the first circuit I searching for a program that show a number that input from 3*4 keypad on 2 7segments. for exm. if we iput number 78* , this number showed in 7segments and a micocontroler output line enabled.

3*4 KeyPad -----> 8951 Microcontroller ------> BCD to 7Segment (for tow 7Segments) --------> 7Segments

any help would be greatly appreciated. excuse me for bad english!

tanks and bye!


I saw ur name on the PHP documentation.....I was hoping you could help me with a question. I've been doign PHP for a while now and ran into a unique problem. I have a bunch of if statements and they are all getting run regardless of whether or not they are true.

ie(this isnt my problem but I did try it when I got frustrated):

<? if($name=1){ echo "name"; }; if($update=3){ echo "update"; };  ?> Assuming test.php is the url I go to test.php?name=1&update=1. I have tried echoing the values of the variables. The values are transmitting but the logic is off...

It prints "nameupdate"

Hopefully you can help me with this. I'd really appreciate it.


Hi John, I want to write a program to modify the data in AT93C46 (EEPROM IC)by controlling the MCU via RS232 interface from the PC.Do you have any application notes on this subject? And any example codes? Can I implement it with the Hyper Terminal? The MCU I am using is AT89C51/52 by Atmel Corp. Thanks in advance. Regards, Youngar


Hello john,

i am engineering graduate.i want to enter into field of embedded systems. i like to know what all things i have to study in order to lead a sucessful career in embedded systems.

===== ------------- Have Nice Day -------------


N.P. Dhinesh


can you send me sample code? thank


Mr. John Wren

I'm so sorry for taking your time but I've got a problem.I'm a student in Turkey about telecomunication and I have to prepare a project on 8052.It's about moving text on 2*10 LCD.I've got hardware 4 ports output and with atmel 8052 micro controller.I have to finish this project in 2 days if I can not I will not able to pass my class.If you can help me I will be pleased.Thank you so much.