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Kats-Eye is the display for the Comp-U-Kat. This was spun off into a separate page since it was evident it would be another section of the design.

The prototype display uses 2 HDSP-2112 8x1 active LED displays. The "production" version will probably use a graphic OLED or LCD.

Like the Comp-U-Kat, this will likely be NXP LPC-2148 based, and use FreeRTOS for its OS.


  • 2008/05/23
Wired the display into the bike, took it for a test drive, and it started out OK. However, after a couple miles, the display started acting like it wasn't refreshing correctly, and was fading out. At idle it seemed to improve, but blipping the throttle would cause the display to act up. The MSP430 isn't resetting, nor does it appear the LCD controller itself is affected. It's as if some high frequency alternator noise is getting through, but the power supply is a switcher and well filtered, so it shouldn't be doing that.
  • 2008/05/22
Did a search for OLED displays, couldn't find one I liked. To test the sunlight readability of a FSTN LCD we used on a previous project (picture [1]), I reprogrammed the controller with some static displays approximating what I might like displayed, then added some controls to diddle the LCD parameters. I'll black out the windscreen with construction paper (I was planning on replacing the clear windscreen with an opaque one. Or maybe just paint the backside black), and tape the display in to see how it might look. I may have to stick to the HDSP-2112 displays for readability.

Display Panel Options

  • Crystalfontz CFAG12864M LCD [2] - 128x64 - 95.5mm x 50.2mm
  • Optrex F-51852GNFQJ-LY-ADN LCD [3] - 128x64 - 89.7mm x 49.8mm
  • Vision ES13BB0 128x64 [4] - 128x64 - 87.6mm x 50.4mm
  • Univision 3.12" OLED [5] - 256x64 - 88.0mm x 27.8mm
  • RIT RGS32256064WH000 OLED [6] - 256x64 - 87.4mm x 48.5mm
  • Noritake GU128x64D-7000 VFD [7] - 128x64 - 98.0mm x 49.0mm
  • Matrix Orbital GLK19264-7T-1U-FGW LCD [8] - 192x64 - 144mm x 38mm (w/ keypad)
  • Newhaven Displays [9] - (evaluate options)
  • Tianma Microelectronics [10] - (evaluate options)