Kenwood TK-931HD

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The speaker is driven by a NEC uPC1242H 7W amplifier into a 4-ohm speaker. The amplifier claims 7W at 4 ohms, 11W at 2 ohms with a supply voltage of 14.4 volts. The schematics for the radio list it as 4W, perhaps de-rating it for 13.8V operation. The voltage swing is +-5.8V around ground.





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From the description text: "This listserv is used to further experimentation and utilization of the 902-928 MHz amateur radio spectrum using voice and data communications. Please limit your posts to information relating to these subjects ONLY. Want and For-Sale ads allowed. Do not post EBAY links. Do NOT list non-900 MHz applicable items."
From the description text: "For those interested in utilizing the 900 MHz amateur radio band. This group is here to discuss modification of commercial radio gear to amateur radio use, repeater construction for 900 MHz, and other related topics relating to the 900 MHz amateur radio band."


  • Service Manual And Supplements
  • Operators Manual