LPC2106 Reference Design

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This is a LPC2106 reference design I started some time ago and never finished. See the overview for the features it was intended to support.


  • LPC2106 - CPU
  • DS18B20 - 1-Wire Temperature Sensor
  • DS2405 - 1-Wire Switch
  • DS2411 - 1-Wire Silicon ID
  • AD7997 - I2C 8 Channel 10 Bit A/D
  • FM24CL64 - I2C 8Kx8 NVRAM
  • MCP23016 - I2C Port Expander
  • DS1337 - I2C Real Time Clock
  • SD/MMC - SPI SD Memory Card
  • USBN9603 - SPI USB Controller

Parts ordered or sampled
Part No Mode Quantity From Package Received
LPC2106 Samples 10 Philips LQFP-48 Y
AD7997-U1 Samples 3 Analog Devices TSSOP-20 Y
USBN9603-28M Samples 5 National SOIC-28 Y
MCP23016 Samples 3 Microchip SOIC-28 Y
FM24CL64 Samples 4 Ramtron x ?
DS1337S Samples 2 Maxim SOIC-8 Y
DS18B20 Samples 2 Maxim TO-92 Y
DS2405Z Samples 2 Maxim SOT-223 Y
DS2411 Samples 2 Maxim SOT-23 ?
MAX3227ECAE Samples 2 Maxim SSOP-16 Y
MAX3245E Samples 2 Maxim SSOP-28 Y

Things to remember to do

  • 'scope ground loops
  • Disconnect jumpers on everything
  • Jumpers or 1 ohm resistors on Vcc-type lines
  • Add SD mode to SD card, via jumpers
  • I2C interrupts routable to INT0, INT1 or INT2
  • Double check pin-out on SOT-223 5V regulator
  • Add cap to 32Khz oscillator on PCF8563

Extra Parts
Description Part Number Distributor Cost
SD connector SG1V013S1F Mouser $3.50
USB Connector 787616-1 Digikey $1.12
MAX3227E MAX3227E Maxim/Dallas
MAX3245E MAX3245E Maxim/Dallas
1.8V Regulator IRU1010-18CY Digikey $0.90
3.3V Regulator IRU1010-33CY Digikey $0.90
5.0V Regulator LM340MP-5.0 Digikey $1.01
14.7456Mhz Crystal 300-6031-ND Digikey $0.88