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TI's buglist page is remarkably slow to use, and somewhat difficult to navigate. Besides being phenominally slow, it allows you to select an invalid device and lot code combination. I got tired of waiting for it, so I wrote a script that periodically goes through and grabs all the devices, and the lot codes that are applicable to each device. Two things then happen: The first is that the URL to that specific bug list is stored (instead of the actual bug list. That way, if bugs are added by TI, the URL will always contain the complete list), and the list of bugs is scanned to build a separate list of all known bugs. We do this because TI seems to convienently not provide a comprehensive bug list.

The reason I imagine that TI's buglist is so slow is because it's generated in real time from the manufacturing database that contains all the current lot codes. Common sense would say you should generate a series of static pages on a daily basis, instead of making a virtually unusable real-time system, but hey, they didn't hire me.

From my random poking around, the database seems to be accurate. The biggest issue is the 'Unknown' field for a few of the lot codes and die codes. These don't appear to be a problem for the main-stream parts, and if you find something that's a problem, please drop me a line. I'll be happy to try to remedy the problem. There are also 9 parts that it appears to be impossible to get data for. See the 'Flukes' link for those parts.

Please note that some of these pages, particularly the lot code pages relating to all devices are very large (>2MB). The server is using mod_gzip, which gzip's output sent to the browser, assuming your browser supports this (most do, since 1998). Using the lot code page as an example, uncompressed is 2MB, but gzip'ed for transfer it is ~116K. As you can see, you'll help ease the load on my poor link if your browser supports this.

Finally, please don't scrape the site. It's not that I care if the content is mirrored, but I'm not on a fast link, and there's quite a few thousand pages when you go through all the possibilities. If you'd like to mirror the content, please contact me via email, and we'll figure out how to export the database and get you a copy of the script. It's all very straight forward generic Perl and mySQL. And since these pages change periodically as TI updates the devices and lot code lists, it means you'll be mirroring out of date data.

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