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Morse On The Air

This is a link to the W1AW schedule. Text is taken from the QST magazine, the ARRLs monthly publication. This is an excellent station to listen to, since the text can be compared to printed copy, and the Morse is machine generated. Of course, nothing beats getting on the air and operating to improve your code speed.
  • Morse Software
This pair of Windows-based programs in conjunction with a Soundblaster compatible sound card allows receiving and decoding plus transmitting of Morse. The CwGet program has a pretty good decoder. It seems to be more sensitive to speed inconsistencies than noise issues. I have had this program FREEZE a Windows-NT machine up. I haven't tried it under Windows-95/98, so I can't comment about under those conditions.
This is probably the premier Windows-based program for learning Morse. I used this quite a bit while I struggled to get 5 WPM to get my Tech+ license. I highly recommend this program if you want a Windows-based trainer.
I've seen a lot of good reviews about this Windows-based trainer, although I have yet to give it a try. This program is rated very highly for training groups of people, such as clib sessions, etc. Somewhere it's mentioned that this is the software the Australian military uses to teach their people Morse.
One of the original and most highly rated programs for learning Morse in a DOS environment. Has some nice features, such as being able to conduct a QSO between two PCs, can be interfaced to a radio, etc.
  • Morse Web Pages
There are literally thousands of web pages devoted to or touching on learning Morse code, it's history, whether it should be required for licensing, and every other aspect of a topic that borders on a religion. I can't even begin to make a list of web pages that would be useful. These few are a just a starting point. Try using your favorite search engine to find information about Morse, or start at the ARRL website.
WB8FSV's "A Beginners Guide To Making CW Contacts"
N0HFF's "The Art & Skill of Radio Telegraphy"