PID Temperature Controller

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These are just some notes in case I actually getting around to building my own controller for the Sous-vide Immersion Circulator (instead of using an off-the-shelf bang-bang PID controller)


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PT100 Interface Chips

All three of these parts are somewhat expensive. They are, however, 24-bit A/D's, so they'll have really good resolution. It's possible to build an interface from discrete op-amps and run it into an A/D on the processor. However, most processors only have 10-bit A/D's, and usually have a couple bits of error. For a 0-100C temperature range, which is about 0.2C per bit. At 24 bits, that's about 0.00001264C per bit. A little "bit" more accurate...


Application Notes

Power Control

Ideally, an IGBT circuit would be used. These are more polite on the power line, as they're turned on at the zero crossing, and turned off part way through the cycle. Triac circuits are just the opposite. IGBTs also supposedly run cooler.