Poulan 220LE Chainsaw

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  • 2004/08/01 - Lowe's


  • 2009/01/09


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  • Remove the top cover (T25 torx), and side cover (T25 torx) with recoil starter
  • Drain all fuel, and remove all pieces of fuel old fuel line and the weighted filter from inside the tank by shaking out and the (long forceps). A spot headlamp makes it easier to see inside the tank for much of the procedure.
  • Remove the foam filter to find the two 8mm nuts and remove the air filter housing and carburetor (nut driver, 8mm socket). The choke lever slides out of its slot with some wiggling and moving the carb back off the mounting studs. Leave the throttle cable attached to the filter housing and move both assemblies out of the way to access the top wall of the fuel tank. There is a cover over the carb adjust screws that wiggles out also.
  • The fuel line and purge line both pass through the wall of the tank and need to be pulled out with some effort (long curved forceps) from inside the tank through the fuel fill port. They are a tight fit. Pay attention to the lines size and location.
  • Large line is in the position away from the recoil starter with the little plastic fitting hanging near the top of the tank. The smaller line is closest to the recoil starter. Both new lines will need to pass through the tank wall.
  • To facilitate the initial entry through the wall of the tank, cut a tapered end of the new lines. Use a very slippery lube to coat the end of the line and push it into the tank as far as you can from the top (forceps or soft grip pliers help).
  • Look inside the tank and pull the lines through fully out of the tank fill (long curved forceps and head spot light). Don't pull all the way through the fuel fill, just enough to install the new fuel line fitting in the return purge line and the new weighted filter on the fuel line.
  • Pull the lines back inside the tank.
  • The return line with fitting close to the top of the tank and the filter hanging so it lays at the bottom of the tank, and able to swing around so it remains in contact with fuel at all times.
  • Remove the old purge/primer bulb two screws (Phillips). The short stem is suction, long stem is pressure.
  • If no fuel lines are intact, it is difficult to envision the line routes. There are helpful schematics on the internet.
  • The purge bulb long fuel stem sends pressure back to the tank through the return line (larger line in the tank with the line fitting away from the recoil).
  • Cut this line to length and pushed on the bulb long stem.
  • The suction side of the bulb short stem, connects to the purge line on the side of the carburetor (short line).
  • Cut this line to the same length as the old one. It will need to curve twice to get to the suction side of the purge bulb without kinking.
  • Be sure filter is able to lay on the floor of the tank and move around. This line connects to the carburetor opposite side from the purge bulb. Do not cut that one until the carb is installed for proper length. The fuel line routes from the filtered line into the carb, then out of the carb to the purge bulb suction side, then out to the return line in the tank with the fitting end. The fitting installed into the line serves only to keep the line from pulling back out of the tank, nothing attaches to it
  • Make sure all lines are clear of the mounting area of the carb, and throttle function.
  • Pass the bulb lines through the slot in the side of the case being sure the lines don't kink.
  • Secure the bulb with the two phillips screws.
  • Position the carb on the studs and slide the choke lever into its place in the case as you go.
  • Place the filter housing on the studs and push the carb and housing down watching the fuel lines for any kinks, especially where the throttle cable is in close proximity to the short carb purge line.
  • Check the throttle function for interference, and install the two 8mm nuts.
  • Route the fuel line around the throttle mechanism out of the way, hold it to the barb on the side of the carb and cut it to length and install.
  • Put some fuel mix in the tank (don't fill it) to test.
  • Press the primer bulb, tilting the saw with fill cap removed, and see if anything leaks, also watch fuel flow back to the tank inside as you press the bulb. Fuel and air bubbles from the purge line. When all air bubbles are gone the system is purged
  • Install the new foam filter in the housing and then the top and side cases. I did not reinstall the cover of the carb adjust needle screws so I could adjust the fuel/ air mixture to run at peak performance.