Suzuki Katana

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Suzuki Katana

I bought the 2006 Katana on 2007/05/20, after I'd had the Harley Sportster about 6 months. I like the Harley, but I wanted something a little more sport-bikey. The Harley is fun, but it's more a cruiser than sport bike (although it's probably one the more nimble Harley models, and also has a good power to weight ratio). I also knew that I didn't need a 140HP 1000cc super-sport, after having gone so long without riding (probably about 12 years). I had pretty much decided on a 600cc, and the Katana is considered a sport-touring bike, which means it won't break your back like a super-sport.

The Katana also has certain amenities the Harley lacks, like a fuel gauge, a smooth 4 cylinder engine, a quiet exhaust system, and pretty plastic fairings. By todays standards, the Katana is a heavy bike, with it's steel frame. And while the 600cc engine has some zip, it's nowhere near the GSXR-600 class bike. But it does handle well, gets great mileage (never worse than 50MPG), and looks good.

I've done one mod to the bike so far (two, if you consider bending a brake lever a mod...), which was to chop out the shovel-style rear fender and install a Ron Ayers tail kit. This really cleaned up the back-end and made it look a lot better.

One the projects I'd like to do is the Comp-U-Kat. See the page for details, and why I want it.