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  • There is an inconsistency with HTML entity encoding. amper-lt; gets converted during editing.
  • When creating indexes, end and start of an HTML element needs to imply a space (see note 1 below)
  • Add CSS field to add/edit record, link to
  • Keyword indexing needs to skip dates and times
  • Fix cross-linking to work
  • Delete should probably go through a confirmation step
  • Fix Template::Toolkit::DBI to move disk files into database
  • Make Petruchio happy, fix up the About tab
  • Need to consider how to implement templates for:
    • QSLs
    • Inventory of household items
    • CDs
    • DVDs
    • Books
    • Contact list
    • Bookmarks
    • What else?
  • Better selection of colors?
  • Support for public & private thoughts
  • User authentication
  • Should 'Update' when editing thoughts save and re-edit, or back to display mode?


  • Change REGEXP to LIKE
  • Subject field needs to be added to KeywordIndexes

Note 1

For instance, [td]barking[/td][td]dog[/td] is indexed as one word. The end of [/td] and the start of [td] should imply a space so the keyword parser sees those as two words instead of one.