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Hands down, this radio was the littlest piece of crap I've ever had occasion to own. While it's small size appealed to me for my Subaru Impreza (a car with no good mounting places for anything), it's user interface, performance, and reliability angered me. The user interface must have been created by someone who had no idea how a radio would be used by real users. The performance was marginal, at best, particularly with regard to intermod. Lastly, the radio had some intermittent fault where it would not operate on frequency.

I've had a lot of radios, as can be seen from the list. This is the only one I ever ripped out of my car and would have left in the middle of a Kroger parking lot, had a ham buddy of mine asked for it. I was trying to talk to him on this radio on the way to a meet-up to exchange some equipment, when this radio pissed me off for the last time. While waiting for him to arrive, I ripped it out of the car, and was getting ready to chock it under the left front tire, when he asked if he could have it. I gave it to him, bought an Icom_IC-207H the next day, and never regretted it.

Yaesu has always been a brand I've liked, and used to never be disappointed. Between this radio, the problems the Yaesu_FT-8100R's have, and the cost of Yaesu accessories, I'm pretty much sticking with Icom gear for future purchases.

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