Z80 SBC Memory Map

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Memory map for Z80 SBC board

Address Function
0x00 0=SRAM R/W, ROM N/A, 1=SRAM W/O, ROM R/O
0x01 Same
0x02 Same
0x03 Same
0x10 CTC Channel 0 Control Word
0x11 CTC Channel 1 Control Word
0x12 CTC Channel 2 Control Word
0x13 CTC Channel 3 Control Word
0x18 SIO Channel A Data Register
0x19 SIO Channel A Control Register
0x1a SIO Channel B Data Register
0x1b SIO Channel B Control Register
0x1c PIO Port A Data Register
0x1d PIO Port A Command Register
0x1e PIO Port B Data Register
0x1f PIO Port B Command Register
0x20 IDECS0
0x21 Same
0x22 Same
0x23 Same
0x24 Same
0x25 Same
0x26 Same
0x27 Same
0x30 IDECS1
0x31 Same
0x32 Same
0x33 Same
0x34 Same
0x35 Same
0x36 Same
0x37 Same