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Katana GPI Schematic.jpg

The End

Well, that is pretty much it. On the left is a picture of the IC Circuit schematic. You will have to build it yourself or have someone who knows how to build one do it for you. You can also download a PDF of the schematic below, along with the parts list, tools list, and a PDF of the 7 segment display I used. This thing took about 6 months to figure out and construct. Someone that has the ability could probably do it in about a week with that How-To. I'd like to thank Ace280 for all his help, truth be known he did all the circuit design and construction, along with figuring out where we were going to put this stuff on the bike. I provided the cash to buy all the stuff and the web page How-To.

Quick Questions

I've gotten a lot of questions about whether or not this mod will work on other bikes. I'm about 99% sure you can do it on a Bandit 600 or 1200 because they use the same plastic Neutral Sense Switch that the Katana 600/750 uses, but have a few different wires. As for other Suzuki bikes, I have looked at schematics of their Neutral Sense Switches and they look similar. Other than that, I don't know.

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